Help support our new and smaller affiliates throughout Colorado!

CAGT is pleased to announce our new Affiliate Grant Program!

We are excited to begin this endeavor to help support our new and smaller affiliates around our state.

The CAGT Board has been actively working to increase inclusion and participation from affiliates throughout Colorado.  With that being said, the Board recognizes that affiliates in certain regions of the state may find hosting certain types of events for their stakeholders cost prohibitive.  This could be due to geographic locations which would increase travel costs for speakers; having smaller CAGT membership; access to limited resources, and other challenges.

Bridging the Gap

This new program was created to help bridge the gap for those affiliates who would like to host events (for students, parents/families, and/or educators) which they would not otherwise be able to host due to lack of funds.  It is our goal to help alleviate some of these financial roadblocks so that affiliates may secure funding from this program for their events.

When your affiliate is considering hosting an event for your GT community but are unsure that you can afford the costs, we hope you consider applying for one of our CAGT Affiliate grants.

We are now accepting applications:

Student with Robot