CAGT Statement on Systemic Racism

CAGT is excited to announce our new
FaceBook Live – Conversations with CAGT

Each Tuesday at 5:00 pm MDT, we will live stream a 20 – 30 minute presentation, followed by a Q&A with a local or national expert on a topic current and relevant to our GT community. Please join us for these informational conversations!

Our Conversations with CAGT this week was Nurturing the Social-Emotional Development of the Whole Gifted Child, with Jenny Ritchotte and Amy Graefe from the University of Northern Colorado. They discussed some of the specific challenges gifted learners face, how the characteristics of giftedness impact the way gifted learners view and interact with their worlds, and how parents and teachers can support gifted learners’ healthy social-emotional development. If you missed this presentation or any of our “conversations” you can find them on our Resource page, CAGT’s FaceBook page or on our YouTube channel. Check them out!

Next Tuesday, September 29th, our CWC (aka Conversations with CAGT) guest will be Jennifer Gottschalk and she will share Developing Writing Talent. Jennifer, an author herself, feels that storytelling is a natural human impulse and that all children tell real and imagined stories, but since writing skills are both academic and creative, writing talent can be difficult to spot and even more difficult to develop. She will discuss how storytelling can transfer to story writing and offer teachers and parents ideas for recognizing writing potential and for generating not only an increased volume of writing output, but increased engagement in writing of all kinds. Please join us next Tuesday, FB Live at 5:00!

COVID-19 Update / Resources

During this difficult time of CDC and statewide precautions due to Covid-19 CAGT wants you to know that we are continuing our work advocating for the needs of our gifted children. Normal operations are still in place except for any in person activities. Plans for our fall conference have begun and we are following all legislative issues that may impact our GT students. We remain committed to supporting our community of gifted learners through this challenging time and to help families who must remain home throughout the rest of the school year. Below are some links from our national organization and other expert sources on how to support your gifted children’s needs at home.

The following is provided for your information and does not constitute a recommendation nor endorsement from CAGT. Adults are responsible for determining the appropriateness of any activity or website for their children.