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Below contains information about state and federal legislation, past and current bills that have impacted gifted education and a continually updated link to legislation from this year’s session.

CAGT will work to keep you informed of bills that will not only benefit all children, but also those that address the specific needs of our gifted students.

Gifted and Talented Education in Colorado

How does Colorado support the needs of gifted learners through the legislative process?

There are approximately 67,000 identified gifted students in Colorado — that equates to over 7.7% of the total K-12 student enrollment. All Administrative Units report they have procedures in place to identify gifted students. All school districts receive categorical funding for formally identified GT students which supplements, and not supplants, per pupil funding in the annual School Finance Act.

CAGT Actions Goals for 2022:

  • Continue to advocate for more resources for getting Universal Screening in every school
  • Work to strengthen statutes to continue providing resources to gifted and talented education
  • Increase engagement with various legislative and policy committees to educate and build relationships with policy makers from both sides of the isle

Links Concerning Colorado Legislation

Current Bill Report

To stay up-to-date with current legislation, visit our bill report that lists all the bills we are tracking for the session. This link continually updates so you will have access to the most current information.

Federal Update

Colorado Bills

CAGT’s Legislative Infographic
This is a one page inforgraphic with the legislative information below that we print back to back and share at our events. If you would like to use it at yours, please do.

HB 07-1244:  Concerning the Provisions of Educational Programs for Gifted Students
Each Administrative Unit (AU) SHALL adopt and implement a program plan to identify and serve gifted children.

HB 08-1021: Early Access for Highly Advanced Gifted Children Under Age Six
Early access means early entrance to kindergarten or first grade for highly advanced gifted children under age six. Academic achievement, reasoning ability, performance and motivation are keen compared to other gifted children.

HB 11-1077: Gifted and Talented Students
This bill separates the “Exceptional Children’s Educational Act” into two parts, relocating provisions related to gifted children to a new part.  The bill does not make any substantive changes to the law.

HB 13-1023: Concerning Policies Relating to Academic Acceleration in Pre-School through Twelfth Grade
High-ability students who are performing above grade level should be challenged and supported to reach their full potential. School districts must have transparent, system wide academic acceleration procedures for referring students, evaluating the academic needs of the students.  Participation in academic acceleration interventions should be available to all students who demonstrate high ability and who may benefit from content acceleration and acceleration interventions in their area or areas of strength.

HB 14 – 1102 Gifted Education Programs
The Gifted Education Programs Bill updates and clarifies the language and processes for the education of gifted children within Part 2 of the existing Exceptional Children Education Act (ECEA).

HB 09-1319: Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act
The expanded mission of Concurrent Enrollment Program is to serve a wider range of students, particularly those who represent communities with historically low college participation rates.