A Teacher's Thoughts

The CAGT Affiliate Mentor Program assigns new or developing Affiliates with a veteran CAGT member/Affiliate leader to help in the early stages of start-up and beyond. A CAGT mentor can be a valuable resource as you navigate the formation of your significant community group, providing a sounding board and being a guide as you move through your first year or two.

Looking to Start an Affiliate?

If you are interested in starting an Affiliate or rebuilding an existing Affiliate, please contact CAGT so we can begin the process and assign you a mentor. To get more information about Affiliates please refer to the Affiliate Handbook. It is an extensive document, but easy to maneuver to the parts you need to read to get started.

We are excited that you and your community are ready to create a GT Affiliate in your area and we are here to support you in your journey.