You are the backbone, the boots on the ground, of the work we do for our gifted students. It is you we entrust with the teaching of our children and providing the appropriate supports for both their academic and affective needs. In the end it is you who will have the greatest impact on these students in their educational journey, and we can’t begin to thank you for your hard work and dedication to serving this unique population.

CAGT provides educators the tools to inspire gifted students to fulfill their unique potential through:

For educators looking to earn hours and/or credit while learning about various topics in gifted education, check these classes out:

Scholarships and Grants:

  • Classroom Mini-GrantsThe Foundation for Colorado Gifted & Talented offers this Mini-Grant to CAGT members for a specific GT oriented classroom project or activity. Up to $250; CAGT membership required. Please click here for more information

  • Gifted Education ScholarshipThe Foundation for Colorado Gifted & Talented offers this scholarship to assist current teachers to become qualified in gifted education by endorsement or advanced degree in gifted education. Up to $250; CAGT membership required. Please click here for more information

Elementary educators are often the first formal teachers of young gifted students. Developing effective and challenging curriculum that matches a student’s ability is one of the most difficult challenges in education today.

Gifted education at the secondary level is often relegated to AP and Honors classes. However, the need to understand your students and their unique educational needs can be time-consuming. Consistently and appropriately developing the talents and abilities of gifted students in your classroom is a challenging responsibility.

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