CAGT Mission Statement

It is CAGT’s belief that all humans have an inherent right to develop their full potential. The Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented fosters an understanding of all gifted children and their exceptional needs, and advocates for appropriate education and affective support through partnerships with educators, families, students, administrators, legislators, and the general public.

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CAGT Vision Statement

CAGT’s vision is to assure that gifted children grow socially, emotionally and academically to become well-adjusted, contributing members of society through:

CAGT is a nonprofit advocacy organization with over a 40 year history of providing information, leadership and support to gifted young people, their families and educators of gifted young people in Colorado. By way of affiliate members across the state, CAGT endeavors to keep policy makers and all school districts aware of the issues surrounding gifted education.
The Colorado Department of Education reports there are 66,983 students in Colorado identified as gifted (2019-2020), including gifted children with disabilities (twice-exceptional), gifted children from diverse populations and gifted children of low socio-economic backgrounds, representing approximately 7.7% of the K-12 public school population. There are also gifted learners in other educational settings such as home school and private schools.

CAGT partners with selected Legislators on bills, proposals, and policies that influence gifted education. Legislative Day is an opportunity for students in grades 8 – 12 to partake in a shadowing experience with a member of the Colorado State Assembly.

CAGT advocates for families of gifted children through policies and legislation resulting in programming that may have a social, emotional or financial benefit. CAGT Affiliates are “the boots on the ground” that support parent questions, provide resources, and assist in problem solving. CAGT collects feedback from parent groups to inform progress toward the implementation of policies. CAGT coaches families in positive advocacy strategies.

Colorado has a growing number of educators who have either a Master’s degree in Gifted Education or a Gifted Education Endorsement. CAGT has a special relationship with many educators that take advantage of CAGT’s professional development, conference opportunities and parent seminars.

Partnering with institutions of higher learning is critical to assure that our teachers are prepared to instruct gifted learners and that our gifted students have smooth transitions in their educational processes. Most major Colorado universities are represented on the CAGT Board.

CAGT is a state affiliate of the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) as we share resources, advocate for gifted programming, provide feedback and continue to be an active voice at the federal level.

All children, including those who are gifted, will achieve to their fullest potential. Gifted children hold the promise of innovation and creativity that will shape our world. The moral imperative is to strengthen the culture, attitudes, and learning environments so that gifted children will continue to enrich our world and nation with intellectual power as we face a changing future.