CAGT is excited to bring you our new virtual piece of the 2022 conference!

This event provides the opportunity for you to view and learn from up to 25 recordings from our fall conference, Unconventionally, Unconditionally Gifted. We are offering four different series from which you can pick one, two, three, all four or any combination that suits your needs. Each series caters to different topics that pertain to our gifted learners: Social Emotional, Twice Exceptional, Identification and Support, and Academics.
Please check out all of the session recordings and pricing and share the link with peers who might be interested in this opportunity as well.
And the great news is if you were registered for both days of the 2022 CAGT conference this past fall – you can attend for free! 

We hope you can join us for this conference so for more information and to register, please click the link below.

Credit is also available.