Summer 2008

Summer 2008
> Good News from Colorado!
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> Equity vs. Excellence:
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Student Profile

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The Gifted Child Bookshelf

A Pop-Up Novelty Celebration

by Jerry Flack

There are a myriad of reasons for sharing novel and innovative pop-up and interactive books with gifted and talented readers of all ages.

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Equity vs. Excellence:

By Patricia A. Champion, Ed.D.

A Delphi Study Examining the Future Ramifications of NCLB on Gifted Education  >Read more...

Internet Resources

by Dr. M.R.E. Richards

Learn about online resources for science and math >Online tools for G.T.

Good News from Colorado!
The signing event for our HB 1021 Early Access Bill was signed along with the Governor's Education Initiative Legislation SB 212 Colorado  Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K), the School Finance Act with an ADDITIONAL $200,000 for gifted education, and other education-related measures.  The governor's initiative is a push to getting at-risk 3 and 4 year olds into preschool, increasing the slots for full-time kindergarten and significant funding for capital construction for schools and alternative teacher compensation plans.
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Message from the President

CAGT President’s Summer Message
May 31, 2008

I am sitting at my lap-top; behind me are stacks of boxes, holding hundreds of books, dozens of teachers’ guides, math manipulatives, and a large variety of other tools of teaching. Through the last weeks, I have said goodbye to some old students, met with new students and their parents, started the process of packing my classroom for a move, prepared report cards, collated student data, and consoled young students moving on to a higher grade.

You may ask, “What does this have to do with an active and productive state organization for gifted students?”  I would reply, “A great deal.”

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Conference 2008



32nd Annual CAGT Fall Conference

Featuring Dr. Karen Rogers and Dr. Robin Schader

We are thrilled to announce:  Dr. Karen Rogers and Dr. Robin Schader will return to Colorado to keynote the 32nd Annual CAGT Conference! 

October 13 and 14, Monday and Tuesday with a Monday evening Parent Institute!

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Due June 30, 2008 

CAGT will present the awards to people in the categories listed below at the 2008 fall conference.  All CAGT members are invited to nominate people for one or more categories: Parent of the Year, Educator of the Year, Administrator of the Year, Legislator of the Year, Special Advocate of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award. Nomination forms are available on the website.

      Conference Registration Form and Parent  Institute Registration Form

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