Spring 2012

Kaleidoscope Summer 2012



Come for the NAGC/Denver 2012 convention in NOVEMBER,

a venue to treasure and long remember!



with speakers and messages reaching out to our multitude!


WEDNESDAY begins early with pre-convention Common Core Standard essentials,

building connections for honing credentials!


Action Labs will be hands-on experiences from around our good state,

best programs and ideas because they are top rate!


THURSDAY’S pre-convention’s critical issues and models

for programs and services, guaranteed to turn up your throttles!


The Signature Series focus on RtI and Talent Development,

vast discussions of many a key element!


THURSDAY’S afternoon opening speaker will be so engaging,

causing you to leave inspired with ideas truly raging!


Vendors will share new books, great resources, fine tools, and ideas,

as they’re way beyond your mom’s encyclopedias!


Graduate credit is now available for those who come,

thanks to two universities asking a reasonable sum!


On FRIDAY AND SATURDAY you will select and enjoy sessions throughout the day,

as we provide opportunities intriguing you to stay!



so parents and advocates will gain knowledge that is rational!



to share our state from inception!


SUPER SUNDAY’S superhero powers of our Networks will be the showcase,

before you must take leave from our cool place!


GIFTED CHILDREN are our passion, our focus, and our real care

because of abundant potential, bright gifts, and true talents so rare!



Susan Scheibel, Julie Gonzales, your LAC Committee, and CAGT Board of Directors

For all information NAGC, click below

A Message From The President

In the last issue, I talked about preparing the soil for our national conference, NAGC. Well, the plants are coming up and we need to water and keep the garden clear of weeds.

So what does this mean for planning? All of the Local Area Committees (LAC) are busy on their specific projects and we still need your help. If you know of someone who is has expressed a wish to help and has not been contacted, please let us know by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The GT Directors are busy looking at their remaining funds in their budgets to see how many people they can register for the conference. I am excited to share that in my small district, I am going to bring 15 people to the conference. Additionally, the educational foundation for our district, the Adams 14 Foundation, has promised to send a parent representative from each school to attend parent day.

There was a tremendous response from our state in the Javits-Frasier Scholarships. 24 individuals from all over the state applied for the scholarship. We will need to work together with NAGC to give support to these applicants. Let’s see how many we can collectively fund!

The planning for Parent Day is going full swing. We are going to show the nation how we plan and deliver an outstanding Parent Day event. Last year 40 people attended the Saturday event; we are planning for 500 to attend. Registration is now open; let’s get the word out.

Finally, this is also the time of the year to renew our energy. I just read an article from SENG by Joy Navan, “Summer Museum Visits... Virtually!” that shared several ideas to have fun with learning this summer. I love to visit new places and revisit old places. I have included the link to the article to give you some ideas to continue your learning over the summer.



Curriculum Explorations: Creative Summer Basics


By Jerry Flack


The University of Colorado




Darn! Why can’t I recall vital information and basic skills that I learned in May when I return to my school classroom next September? The fault is not yours. You are just suffering from the classic symptoms of the dreaded ailment: “Summer Lag.” Basic skills CAN and DO evaporate during the summer break. But, think of learning as you might think of a physical fitness. You would not expect to remain physically fit if you exercised only nine months of the year and became a “couch potato” for the full three months of summer. There are many fun and creative ways to keep your brain active every day of the year.

For great ways to stay fresh this summer, click here!


The process of choosing a college can be a harrowing experience for both students and their parents. For those entering into this process it's worth noting that both sides have a role to play The article available below is actually two accounts in one, laying out the differing experiences for both students and parents and offering some valuable advice in the process.

Differing persepctives on the college experience can be found here.


A Commitment to Excellence: Why it is Important to Hire Highly Qualified Teachers for GT Students


By Dr. Blanche Kapushion


There are times when you might think your work is not valued, your professional beliefs are not shared, and you feel like Prometheus rolling the stone uphill day after day with no progress. There are times when you take things for granted and your work creeps up on you and takes one by surprise. That can be good, and it can be bad. I want to share a commitment to excellence; a great surprise!

A Commitment To Excellence can be found here.

A Message From The President
CAGT Leadership Awards

Nominations are now being taken

for the following awards to be given

at the NAGC convention in November:

Parent of the Year

Educator of the Year

Administrator of the Year

Special Advocate of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award



Download the nomination form here!

If you’re anything like me, a good book review is worth its weight in gold. Below you will find a few picks from Jocelyn a friend of CAGT that works at the Tattered Cover! Happy Reading.

Grandma Says It's Good To Be Smart- Written by Ellie Schatz, illustrated by Brenda Palmer. 2009


This story is written from a grandchild’s point of view, stating truths such as, “it’s good to ask questions” and “it’s good to use your imagination.”  I love to watch the children as I read this book to them. I can see the effect of the words and ideas on their faces. How wonderful to have your curiosity and fanciful thinking affirmed, validated and even encouraged! Wow! Heady stuff!


Cheerful, bright illustrations catch the eye. Great for all ages − it’s never too early to learn that it's good to be smart!


Little Bird- Written by Germano Zullo, illustrated by Albertine.  2012


This book-captivated me- at first with its illustrations and it's silence- and then with its message.
Turn the pages...
OK, a truck is driving along a road- what is so special about that?
Keep turning the pages--Following an improbable and glorious flock of birds being released into the wide-open sky, we read, "One could almost believe that one day is just like another."
This is a touching story, told mostly in pictures, of a man and a bird, and so much more than how they help each other fly.
"There are no greater treasures than the little things.
Just one is enough to change the world."
What a powerful message!


This gem of a book has spare illustrations and few words. It won the French equivalent of the coveted Caldecott prize for children's picture book illustration in France.
I have given this to special friends of the heart as well as graduates. What a wonderful, encouraging book! I recommend you share it with those you love.

Augustus and His Smile- Written and illustrated by Catherine Rayner. 2006

With fabulous illustrations accompanying her text, Raynor tells the story of Augustus the tiger searching high and low for his lost smile. Who could guess where he finds it?
I'm certainly not letting the cat out of the bag- so to speak. Beautiful! Joyful! A great read-aloud.


“Book Ends”

by Jerry Flack

The Ever-Present Question: “Why?”

A Tribute to Nonfiction Author-Illustrator Gail Gibbons


Gail Gibbons is an outstanding and extremely prolific author and illustrator of more than one hundred nonfiction books for elementary and middle-grade readers. She has created great fact and concept books about an astonishing array of subjects. Her intellectual excursions and explorations span the subject-matter realms of the four seasons, bicycles, ice cream, farming, deserts, emergencies, weather, zoos, common tools, trains, and creatures as diverse as owls, penguins, sharks, sea turtles, butterflies, frogs, and snakes.

Gail Gibbons notes on her Internet Website, www.gailgibbons.com , that she grew up constantly searching for answers to her favorite question: “Why?” Now, this information book creator produces books that answer “Why?” question for young gifted readers. Moreover, she seemingly has never run out of new “Why?” questions that lead her on to ever-newer research quests that ultimately benefit her legion of readers and fans.

To read this article in its entirety click here.


Use the Internet for Basics and Challenges in Science and Math

Dr. M.R.E. Richards

Summer 2012


Congratulations you made it to Summer Break also know as The Pre-2012-2013 prep period of the year. So it’s time to plan…. And find money for those plans.

To find all of these fabulous resources, click here.

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Meet two of our fantastic affiliates! For those in the four corners area or summit county, these are your affiliates! Get to know them & get involved!

Four Corners Association for Gifted and Talented! (4CAGT)

Hello CAGT!
We are the Four Corners Association for Gifted and Talented (4CAGT). We work directly with the Montezuma/Cortez RE-1 district G/T department and parents but also welcome parents and staff from the greater Four Corners areas. This includes Dolores, Mancos and the homeschooling community. The group was originally founded back in the 70's and used to be quite active although this had taken a downturn in recent years. We have worked this year to reinvigorate the group in order to identify and respond to the greatest needs of our G/T families. A new 4CAGT brochure was created which includes information about identification, parent and school responsibilities and resources. (PDF included) We have met with administration several times about programming and dovetailing efforts. Dr Bob Seney was brought in to speak with parents in February and two, 3 day workshops on Lego Robotics (by Alpine Education Associates) were held in March and April. We are currently working with AEP to facilitate 2 summer workshops as well. A summer activities list has been created and this will be updated and expanded each year with more information and links that can be used throughout the year.

Meetings are held monthly during the day and 2 evening meetings were scheduled as well. If you would like to contact us we can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can contact Becky Brunk at 970-565-8107.




Summit Advocates for Gifted Education (SAGE) is a collaborative group of community members dedicated to advocating for the educational needs of gifted and talented children, and supporting our educators in meeting those needs.  We are teaming with the Summit County School District, private schools and the homeschooling community to provide opportunities for enrichment and a network for information-sharing for students, parents, educators, and interested community members.  Our mission is to promote awareness and impact the development of the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted, advanced and talented students in Summit County and neighboring communities.  We are also seeking opportunities to team with other mountain communities to enhance and expand our programming efforts (i.e., Model UN, Mentorship opportunities, etc.).  SAGE, with the assistance of Robin O'Meara (Summit County School District Director of Curriculum), is forming a committee to consolidate and enhance mentoring services/programs in the county and outlying areas to provide a road map for gifted and talented students in student-to-student and student-to-adult /professional relationships.  While we are dedicated to gifted and talented programming, programs offered by SAGE are not limited to gifted and talented students, but are open to any student showing an interest and/or passion in a specific program of study. 

Since November 2011, SAGE has met five (5) times as a general group and at least five (5) times as an executive committee group, including a great mentoring session with Anne Dunlevie of GET.  We are progressing toward our 501(c)(3) status, and working on fundraising, summer programming, parent survival kit and the Fall special speaker/kick off meeting efforts.  SAGE is also very are excited to become an advocate for CAGT via our newly designated affiliate status.  Our contact information includes our website at www.summitgifted.com and email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Welcome
  • What is Gifted?
  • Colorado & Gifted

Every child has a right to learn something new everyday. Gifted children thrive in learning environments that present challenge and wonder throughout school lessons and activities. Welcome to Colorado's gifted community, where educators, families and community advocates partner for support, instruction, and information in the education of gifted children. This partnership motivates the implementation of school and district goals that provide appropriate educational opportunities for gifted student. The shared responsibility of implementing these goals fosters development of gifted exceptional potential over time.

As a statewide advocacy group, we are focused on improving the lives and opportunities of gifted students. This is accomplished in four main areas:

1) helping people understand the characteristics of gifted students,

2) training teachers in different strategies to create dynamic classrooms that challenge and engage gifted students,

3) providing families with information on how to advocate for the unique needs (both academic and affective) of their gifted students, and

4) supporting statewide and national laws and policies that assure gifted and talented students access to appropriate academic and social-emotional programs.

JOIN us as we strive to improve the educational opportunities for the gifted and talented children of Colorado!

Gifted is a social construct that describes a child/student with exceptional potential given culture, language, and traits of exceptionality. Getting to know the student, his/her interests and family priorities are essential to understand a student’s area of strength and gifted capabilities.

Two common definitions addressed by Colorado educators and parents are from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC). The CDE definition drives state and local policy to implement gifted education program plans.

The NAGC definition provides a holistic construct for reflection and programming.

Giftedness can best be understood by looking at a list of “common” gifted characteristics. But please keep in mind, these characteristics might present in very different ways in different people.

A dynamic expression of “gifted” is often expressed by the term “asynchronous” development in which advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity combine to create experiences that are qualitatively different from the norm. This asynchrony increases with higher intellectual capacity. The uniqueness of the gifted renders them particularly vulnerable and requires modifications in parenting, teaching, and counseling in order to develop optimally." The Columbus Group (1991)

There are 68,663 identified gifted students in Colorado as of the 2014-2015 school year.  That equates to 7.7% of the total student enrollment.  All 58 Administrative Units report they have procedures in place to identify gifted students.  The 2014-2015 gifted education categorical line item in the state education budget was $10,010,269.  Any additional money for gifted education would be budgeted from individual school districts.

Terms that gifted families should be aware of in public schools throughout Colorado:  Exceptional Children’s Education Act, Early Access, Concurrent Enrollment, RtI (Response to Intervention), 2e (Twice-Exceptional), ALP (Advanced Learning Plan), and ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan).

Listed below are the state definitions for Colorado.  While the state definitions include age requirements, it is important to remember that these ages are defined only for the purpose of receiving services.

The state definition in the Colorado Exceptional Children’s Education Act CRS 22-20-202 (6)…  "Gifted child" means a person from four to twenty-one years of age whose abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishments are so outstanding that he or she requires special provisions to meet his or her educational needs.

The state rules for Exceptional Children’s Education Act (1CCR 301-8, Section 12) expand the definition to….  “Gifted and Talented Children” means those persons between the ages of four and twenty-one whose abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational programming needs. Gifted and talented children are hereafter referred to as gifted students. Children under five who are gifted may also be provided with early childhood special educational services. Gifted students include gifted students with disabilities (i.e. twice exceptional) and students with exceptional abilities or potential from all socio-economic and ethnic, cultural populations.

Gifted students are capable of high performance, exceptional production, or exceptional learning behavior by virtue of any or a combination of these areas of giftedness: 

1) General or Specific Intellectual Ability,

2) Specific Academic Aptitude,

3) Creative or Productive Thinking,

4) Leadership Abilities, and

5) Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Musical or Psychomotor Abilities.


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