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March Kaleidoscope
A Message from the President

As your new President of CAGT, I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed.  I look at the incredible individuals who have preceded me in this position and I can’t imagine that I can do as well as they did.  I look at our current state of affairs at the state legislature and I wonder if we have ever been in such a difficult political environment. 

But then, I realize, this is not the first time that a new person has moved into this position during a difficult time. CAGT has a strong history of advocating for the needs of gifted learners.  We have been successful in the past because we know how to work together and how to build relationships.  Now is the time for our efforts to become even stronger, and for us to unite as we have never done before.  We need to move beyond our on circle of influence and to make connections to other organizations that influence gifted learners.  When I took a class with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, I asked for resources that support gifted learners.  Surprisingly enough (or not surprisingly enough), there were none. 

We need to bring a stronger awareness for the needs of our gifted learners. We need to speak with a collective voice and not assume that others will do it for us. Be a part of the problem-solving process and make your voice heard!


Cheryl Franklin-Rohr

CAGT President




Dear Friends of Gifted Education,


CAGT is proud to announce the theme for the 35th Annual Colorado Association of Gifted and Talented Conference~ Connections:  Building the Future for Gifted Students.  Mark your calendar for October 10 & 11, 2011.  It promises to be an exciting and fulfilling conference experience. 


We are seeking presentations that will help to build the future for gifted students by connecting many facets of gifted education, including connecting to technology, diverse populations and needs, quality resources and instructional practices for gifted learners, parents, community members, mentors and any other connection that will help to strengthen and facilitate the gifted community.  We also want to assure that we are connecting to our gifted learners and community to meet the social, emotional and spiritual needs of gifted learners.  Our CALL for PROPOSALS is found on the CAGT website  http://www.coloradogifted.org/   Proposals will be accepted until Monday, May 2nd , 2011.  Presenters will be notified by June 17, 2011.  Thank you in advance for your proposal submission.


Dr. Blanche Kapushion

CAGT President-Elect

Engaging Your Gifted and Talented Learner through Technology Infusion


by Jennifer Arzberger



Walking into the classroom you hear students buzzing with excitement about where they’d like to go to college, what expenses they will need to cover (Gasp!), where they’ll reside, and how they’ll decorate their dorm rooms. Elementary students are logging onto their laptops utilizing Google to locate information and evaluate the credibility of the various sources where they are obtaining information. As the tone becomes serious, students diligently organize their expenses using an Excel database and develop a plan for funding the educational experience. Discovering the Auto SUM function fuels energy and excitement throughout the classroom!


Weeks later, students are working with a resident songwriter, Lara Ruggles, to compare and contrast poetry and songwriting. They focus on the usual reading skills and strategies when analyzing and interpreting poetry and song lyrics: 

*Making inferences while interpreting songs and poems.

*Analyzing metaphors.

*Making connections to our lives.

*Asking interpretive, higher level questions.

*Rereading the text with a purpose and articulating ideas about the text.

*Locating supporting evidence in the text, recognizing that evidence can be used to support more than one conclusion.

Imagine their excitement when they find out that their published songs will be viewed L-I-V-E by visitors from across the globe…or should I say across Google Earth? Students begin learning how to embed a widget in their class wiki to track where viewers are from. Excitedly one blurts, “We should Blog about this!”


As a passionate and enthusiastic educator, I am eager to explore the possibilities for infusing technology into students’ daily lives. While planning your next lesson, ask yourself, “What do I want my students to know and be able to do? And how can technology engage, motivate, and support me in attaining these instructional goals?”


Student work may be viewed at: http://twaingiftedandtalented.wikispaces.com/

Follow us at http://twaingiftedandtalented.blogspot.com/



2010-2011 School Year


NAGC and CAGT are pleased to announce– Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Awards program for the 2010 – 2011 school year. Originally funded by the Nicholas Green Foundation and NAGC, this award program is designed to recognize distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts, in children grades 3 through 6. One child per state can be named a Nicholas Green Distinguished Student and that winner receives a $500 U.S. savings bond and an NAGC Certificate of Excellence.

Download more information about the Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Awards plus all the required forms.


Download the promotional flyer.  Teachers and parents, please print this flyer and pass it along to your school. Nicholas Green award winners depend on your support for this opportunity.

More questions?

 Visit NAGC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. RE: Nicholas Green Awards" target="_blank">http://www.nagc.org/nicholasgreen.aspx?terms=nicholas+green

Specific questions for Colorado? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. RE: Nicholas Green Awards


Use the Internet for Basics and Challenges in Science and Math

Dr. M.R.E. Richards


These season’s helpful links for parents and teachers!


General Gifted Information

The Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children http://hollingworth.org/


Hoagies Gifted Children Supports  http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/ 


NSWAGTC gifted children links  http://www.nswagtc.org.au/info/links.html

general, for parents, teachers, educational systems etc


Pieces of Learning  http://www.piecesoflearning.com/ go to classroom activities for a variety of links


For those interested in foreign countries try New Zealand and Australia at


or look into information from Canada at http://www.ontariogifted.org/links.htm


Mensa support and links for supplies and camps for the gifted at





Spring is coming; we are living for it and the promise of spring break. So plan to go out into the growing green with

Environmental Education



Is your organization, serving the gifted and talented community, interested in advertising in future issues of the Kaleidoscope?


Starting this year two of our quarterly issues will feature advertising sections for those who provide services and products that directly serve our gifted community. For more details please download the flyer below.

Need To Connect With Your Local Affiliate?!?

You can find all of the information you need under the  “Resources” tab on the CAGT website http://www.coloradogifted.org/. If you do not have a local CAGT Affiliate and are interested in organizing one, please contact CAGT.


Now is the time to be resources and support to each other and to advocate for gifted children

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