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CAGT Resolution for Colorado 2010 November Ballot Initiatives

This year there are several initiatives on our ballots that directly impact the future of our gifted students. Therefor CAGT has drafted a resolution for these initiatives that reads as follows: 


 WHEREAS passage of Amendment 60, Amendment 61 and/or Proposition 101 would be devastating to Colorado’s children and economy; and NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented officially declares its opposition to the passage of Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101.


Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented Board of Directions

August 2010

A Message from your President-Elect

Quite the Dilemma

I have a conundrum on my hands, and I know that you all will be able to commiserate with me.  I need to clone myself.  How can I possibly learn about bully proofing your gifted child, differentiation, big ideas, concepts and generalizations, building resiliency, digital story telling, young adult literature, Web 2.0, and art and the brain; ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Have I wet your appetite?  Look at our webpage to see the draft of the schedule for both Monday and Tuesday.  When you see all of the sessions, you are not only going to sympathize with me, but be in the same dilemma yourself.  This year’s theme, “Developing Student Potential:  Responsive Instruction & Guidance”, will give parents and educators lots of ideas to implement.

As for my particular dilemma, I think I have a way to solve at least part of my conundrum.  I am making sure that I attend both Monday and Tuesday so that I can see as many presenters as possible.  Now if I can only figure out a way to see more than one presenter at each session!


Happy Session Hunting!

Cheryl Franklin-Rohr



Use the Internet for Basics and Challenges in Science and Math Dr. M.R.E. Richards

Did you enjoy your time off this summer? I hope so. Now that we are back into the nitty gritty business of the school year, it is the time to add some depth to your science and math classes

 Conferences and Other Such Options

Don’t forget about the Colorado Teacher Conference on Friday Nov. 19, 2010 http://coloradocast.org/professionaldevelopment.php?page=overview

A day where people give you things, there are lots of freebies…and giveaways. You can also find vendors in reading, math, and history. It will be held at t the Denver Merchandise Mart,  and there is free parking

Colorado Association of Science Teachers has a list of options and opportunities

http://coloradocast.org/professionaldevelopment.php?page=teacherevents Browse the list of events for teachers to find workshops and classes for college credit or to take advantage of opportunities of interest to science educators.

And much MORE... 

>For the full list of resources download this article here.
An Opportunity In Boulder

Jim Delisle, Ph.D.

The  Top  Ten  Strategies  for  

Raising a Happy and Successful Gifted Child

BVGT is pleased to present Dr. Jim Delisle, a frequent and popular speaker at state, national, and international conferences about giftedness. Dr. Delisle's focus on the social/emotional development of gifted children and strategies for teachers and parents to support gifted kids␣ growth and development are the topics of many of his books and articles. Dr. Delisle's engagement with gifted learners has resulted in giving voice to these children through The Gifted Kid's Survival Guide series. In this presentation, Dr. Delisle will share ten strategies to help parents of gifted children better understand the complex lives and intensities of their children and how giftedness impacts their relationships at home and in school. 

Thursday, September 23rd, 7:00␣8:30 p.m.

Fairview High School Auditorium

1515 Greenbrier Boulevard, Boulder, CO 80305 >For full registration details download this flyer here.

A Letter from the President

Greetings friends of Colorado gifted:

 At this time of year we ALL turn our attention and focus toward student learning, student achievement, and student potential.  Developing Student Potential is the theme for the 34th annual conference of the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented in October! Please join us to build greater knowledge and skills for Responsive Instruction and Guidance to support the 56,000 unique identified gifted and talented learners in our Colorado schools!


Developing Student Potential:

 Responsive Instruction and Guidance


October 18 & 19 at the Marriott Denver Tech Center


Dr. Terry Neu, author of Helping Boys Succeed in School

Dr. Dina Brulles, author of The Cluster Grouping Handbook and Helping All Children Learn

Dr. Jann Leppien, Co-author of The Multiple Menu Model: A Practical Guide for Developing Differentiated Curriculum and The Parallel Curriculum: A Design to Develop High Potential and Challenge High-Ability Students

As an affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children with a solid history of state leadership, CAGT endeavors to support the students, parents, educators, and leaders of Colorado’s gifted. Our conference will solidify and exemplify what research tells us regarding best practice for gifted students and education...  >To Read Susan Sheibel's letter regarding this year's conference, please click here.

Just for Parents

Spend an Evening with National and Local Experts in Gifted Education at the


“Igniting the Passion in Your Child and Yourself”



Sponsored by

Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented


Don’t Miss This Extraordinary Event and Rich Opportunity…

OCTOBER 18, 2010 at the

Marriott Denver Tech Center, Evergreen Ballroom


Evening Schedule

5:00 p.m. Informal Reception & Exhibits


6:00 p.m. Dinner & Remarks from Conference Keynoters

Dr. Dina Brulles, Dr. Terry Neu, and Dr. Jann Leppien


8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Small Group Discussions on Topics of Interest.

These discussion groups are devoted to topics of particular interest to parents of gifted and talented children and are led by local and national experts. You may choose one group to attend or move between the tables to get the resources and make the contacts that you need. In the past, we have had tables with a focus on acceleration, Colorado’s budget crisis, nurturing the health and well-being of your child and family, organizational strategies for students, encouraging student self-advocacy, and understanding and managing twice-exceptional behaviors. This year will provide an equally impressive range of topics from which you can choose.



What Difference Will This Event Make in Your Life as a Parent?


c     You will hear national and local experts share their insights from years of experience and research in the field.

c     You will meet other parents and grandparents from across the state joining you in a discussion of common interest.

c     You will discover new ideas, new perspectives, new resources, new connections and new ways to parent and advocate for gifted children.

c     You will find that you are not alone in your questions and concerns.

c     You will laugh, cry, reflect, dream, grow and commit to your best as a parent and advocate for gifted children.

c     You will return home with your arms and mind full of ideas, names, addresses, websites, support groups, upcoming events and organizations ready to offer you assistance, answers and opportunities for you and your child as you navigate the system and plan for the future.



If cost is an issue, pitch in to pay for a parent from your school to represent your group, and share the resources.

Click here to register:http://www.coloradogifted.org/component/dtregister/?eventId=8&task=event_register&type=reg_individual


After years of fantastic recommendations, this edition’s column “How Books are Made” will mark the final submission by Professor Jerry Flack. Colorado’s gifted community expresses our heartfelt thanks for all of his years of service, as well as his continuing dedication to gifted students. He is an invaluable asset to gifted education.


CAGT would like to wish Jerry the best of luck in all his future endeavors.


To read "How Books and Made", please see the link below. 

>Download "How Books are Made" here.

NAGC and CAGT are pleased to announce the Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award winner for the 2009 – 2010 school year. This year's winner for the state of Colorado is Matthew Pao Radzihovsky.  Matthew attended Centennial Middle School in Boulder as a sixth grader this past school year.  As a contestant, Matthew wrote a very creative composition, "Math and Science Rock."  His composition used exceptional communication skills to explain his interest in the area for which recognition was given.  Matthew was nominated by his Physical Science teacher for his exceptional ability to understand abstract concepts in science.   He was nominated by his Math teacher for his outstanding skills in mathematics.  Two of Matthew's sports coaches nominated him for his outstanding leadership on hockey and soccer teams.  In addition to Matthew's outstanding abilities in academics and leadership for which he was nominated, the recommendations included mention of his commitment level to a wide variety of other activities where he excels.  These include studying Chinese, Russian and Hebrew, playing piano and being an accomplished swimmer, skier, soccer player, hockey player, biker and runner.  He also received the compliment of being able to thrive and handle all of his activities and accomplishments with grace and ease.  CAGT is proud to have such an outstanding student in our state.

>Click here for more information about the history of this award.


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