Fall 2009

   Embracing Diversity, Growing Potential
Fall 2009
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>Diversity Through The Lens Of Biography
Conference Registration
Don't miss out on this year's premier event. Registration for the Conference, Leadership Breakfast, and Parent Institutute can be found through the link below at the CAGT website. >CAGT Conference registration and details
Diversity Through The Lens Of Biography

by Jerry Flack

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (Houghton Mifflin, 2000) defines diversity as follows: “to give variety to; to vary” and “to extend into disparate fields.” Given this definition in concert with the above commentaries about the value of biography by great authors, certainly one valid approach to understanding diversity is through the wide use of this narrative literary medium. >To download this article, click here.

Use the Internet for Basics and Challenges in Science and Math


Dr.  M.R.E. Richards

Now that you have had some time off, it is time to add some fun for you in your fall science and math classes. Use forensics! There are labs on line, books, experiments to do, and information, about what you are talking about, for teachers of all age groups.

>For more fantastic resources, download this complete article here.

Being There: Holding Down the Tent for Gifted Learners
Julie Gonzales, Fall, 2009

    Two years ago Colorado advocates celebrated the passage of HB07-1244, legislation that firmly planted gifted education as a non-negotiable in the state’s education plan.  After years addressing the issues of minimal legislative support and pocket change for gifted learners, Colorado parents and educators drew a winning card for the future…one that would provide the legal framework to grassroots groundwork.

The Colorado Coalition for the Gifted (involving representatives from CAGT, the Colorado Academy of Educators for the Gifted, Talented and Creative, and the Legislative Ad Hoc Committee of the State Advisory Committee for the Education of Gifted Students) to this day continues to maintain communications with political gatekeepers as steps are incrementally taken to plan, implement, develop, and account for effective GT programming services at all Colorado public schools and school districts.
>Download this article here for details and further information.
A Message from the President

“Embracing Diversity, Growing Potential”

Come join us as we together focus and embrace the important topic of DIVERSITY:

Developing gifted learners, individuals of multi-potentialities, gifts and talents,
interests, imagination, idiosyncrasies and impulsivities.  Individually unique and each so
varied and variable, they are venturous exceptional students of great
empathy, energy, excitement, expression and enlightenment who are
receptive, reflective, remarkable risk-takers of superior reasoning with great
sensitivities, sense of humor, sometimes stubborn or even self-confident.  Each may be
intense, impulsive, innovative, intuitive, impatient and irreplaceable,
thoughtful, talented thinkers of abstract, complex, logical and insightful ideas!
You are essential and necessary to grow their potential!

Together we can make a difference for Colorado gifted today,
tomorrow and in the future!

See you soon!

Susan Scheibel and your CAGT Board

Inside Information
 > Enter ALT text<div align="center"><font size="4"><strong>Top Ten Reasons Why YOU Should Attend   <br />the CAGT 2009 Conference and Parent Institute</strong>   <br /></font> </div> <br /> <br />1.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;You’ll have the opportunity to hear national experts in gifted education share thei

Less than one month to go until the CAGT conference and I can’t wait!  I know that I am a little biased, but I think that this is the best program we have ever put together.  You will have to clone yourself in order to not miss the wonderful speakers and their exciting topics. The schedule is now on the CAGT website; but in the meantime, I will entice you with a few examples.  We have topics on connecting creativity with curriculum, perfectionism, management skills for the unmanageable, developmental differentiation, the state growth model and gifted learners, RtI for twice-exceptional students, American-Indian topics, motivating writers, gifted English Language Learners and recruiting and retaining gifted Hispanic students.

If you haven’t already registered for both days, I encourage you to clear your calendar and spend these two days with our nationally known speakers, Rick Olenchak, Jaime Castellano, Dennis Higgins and Elizabeth Nielsen, and our “Colorado Gems”; Linda Silverman, George Betts, Jacquelin Medina, and Stuart Omdal.  Personally, I think the strength of this program comes from the classroom teachers who have practical examples that can be used at school the very next day. 

President Elect – Cheryl Franklin

Register NOW! 

Top Ten Reasons Why YOU Should Attend
the CAGT 2009 Conference and Parent Institute

1.    You’ll have the opportunity to hear national experts in gifted education share their insights and expertise during the two-day conference and/or the evening Parent Institute.
2.    You’ll meet other Colorado-based parents of gifted children.
3.    You’ll discover new ideas, perspectives, resources, connections, and ways to parent and advocate for your gifted children.
4.    You’ll find you’re not alone.
5.    You’ll have the opportunity to attend the Conference Parent Strand*, a series of break-out sessions designed to meet parents’ specific needs.
6.    You’ll have the opportunity to visit dozens of vendors of publications, educational resources, programs, organizations, special schools, and gift items for your family.
7.    At the Parent Institute, you’ll be able to ask an expert questions regarding topics** close to your heart.
8.    You’ll learn about the importance of embracing diversity in the gifted world, embarking on the journey of life-long learning, obtaining current knowledge and research on gifted students and gifted education, and addressing the emotional aspects of giftedness.
9.    You’ll return home with a treasure bag of creative reminders, keepsakes, and supplies for parenting gifted children.
10.    You’ll laugh, reflect, dream, share, and commit to your best as a parent and advocate for gifted children.

Please join us!  Register NOW!

CAGT 2009 Annual Conference: Embracing Diversity, Growing Potential
October 5-6, 2009
at the Marriott Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado.

CAGT Parent Institute
5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on October 5, 2009
at the Marriott Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado.

>Click here for some examples of parent strand topics.


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